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Visitation Location Guidelines

Open Monitored Visitation

The location can be chosen by the person being monitored with the consent of the monitor. Choices would include Connect downtown SLO office, parks, relatives home, playgrounds, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. (Movies, swimming pools and spas are difficult places to provide safety for child.) There may be transportation between locations. The monitor should always be with the child.

Single Site Monitored Visitation 

– Connects office in downtown San Luis Obispo
– Location selected by person being monitored with agreement of the monitor

  • The time and length of the visits must be pre-arranged and only rarely changed.
  • Directions given by the monitor must be followed. No discussion of the rules with the child present.
  • There should be no attempt to get the monitor to side with anyone. The monitor must remain impartial.
  • Child must be within the monitor’s hearing and sight at all times.
  • No use of foreign language or words unfamiliar to the monitor.
  • No whispering, passing notes, or hand signals. No swearing or cuss words.
  • No negative comments about the other parent, caretaker, child or child’s siblings.
  • No discussion of the court case, social worker or related matters, such as visitation restrictions.
  • *No tickling, hugging, kissing, or holding, unless freely initiated by the child.
  • **The visiting person (if an adult) is responsible for managing the child’s behavior. No spanking, hitting or threatening. The monitor will help, if needed.
  • Unless previously agreed upon, the visiting person will be the only person allowed into the visit.
  • No visits while the visiting person appears to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • No loud talk, name-calling, or ridiculing. No questioning which makes the child uncomfortable.
  • Visiting persons should try not to appear lonely or needy. This may cause child to worry or feel guilty.
  • The monitor or child is not to be used to communicate with the other parent/caretaker.
  • No promises like “you’ll live with me soon (go to Disneyland),” unless already agreed on by the court.
  • No prolonged or tearful good-byes.