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Getting Started

child-and-son-3Welcome Letter

The purpose of our program is to provide a place for children to be and feel safe with their parents. CONNECT provides a neutral setting that seeks to treat all parties with equal respect for the best interests of children.

You are here today to share your story and your concerns with the program staff and to learn about how the program works. Please take the time to complete the attached paper work to the best of your ability. The information helps us better understand your situation so that we may assist you and your children in feeling safe and comfortable. Please know that personal, identifying information is kept in the strictest confidence. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Our primary concern is your children. We believe children have a right to a safe and healthy relationship with their parents. To provide such an environment, guidelines for participation need to exist. Please review the guidelines carefully because we want your experience here to be the best possible for you and your children.

After completion of this paperwork, a staff person will answer your questions and orient you to your rights and responsibilities within the program.


Client Requirements

Both parents are required to participate in the INTAKE INTERVIEW. The intake interview must be scheduled as soon as possible prior to the visits.

There is a cash fee of $50.00 (each parent) for the interview that will last for at least one hour.

At the intake interview the visitation fee will be agreed upon, all documents will be explained and signed, and an agreement by both parties will be made to proceed with visits.

Please bring the following items with you to the intake interview: 

  1. copy of most recent court order signed by judge regarding visitation
  2. copy of any protective, restraining or no contact order
  3. copy of visit site restrictions per court order or custodial parent
  4. copy of drivers license with clear photo I.D.
  5. copy of current photo of child(ren)
  6. copy of auto registration (non-custodial parent only)

Visitation Location Guidelines

Open Monitored Visitation

The location can be chosen by the person being monitored with the consent of the monitor. Choices would include Connect downtown SLO office, parks, relatives home, playgrounds, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. (Movies, swimming pools and spas are difficult places to provide safety for child.) There may be transportation between locations. The monitor should always be with the child.

Single Site Monitored Visitation 

– Connects office in downtown San Luis Obispo
– Location selected by person being monitored with agreement of the monitor


Visitation Guidelines

The following rules of conduct will be reiterated at the intake interview by the Visitation Monitor and signed by the client at that time. This information is provided in advance to ensure familiarization prior to scheduling the intake interview

These guidelines must be followed:

  • The monitor will be present at all times during the visit.
  • The custodial parent will arrive fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of the supervised visit (or exchange), and return exactly at the end of the visit. The custodial parent and/or designees will leave the area immediately upon dropping of or picking up the child(ren).
  • The non-custodial parent will arrive at the exact hour of the scheduled visit, and leave fifteen (15) minutes prior to the end of the visit. The non-custodial parent will also leave the area immediately at the end of the visit.
  • Fees for services must be paid in full, in cash, prior to each visit. No refunds.
  • The time and length of the visits must be pre-arranged and only rarely changed.
  • Directions given by the monitor must be followed. No discussion of the rules with the child present.
  • There should be no attempt to get the monitor to side with anyone. The monitor must remain impartial.
  • Child must be within the monitor’s hearing and sight at all times.
  • No use of foreign language or words unfamiliar to the monitor.
  • No whispering, passing notes, or hand signals. No swearing or cuss words.
  • No negative comments about the other parent, caretaker, child or child’s siblings.
  • No discussion of the court case, social worker or related matters, such as visitation restrictions.
  • *No tickling, hugging, kissing, or holding, unless freely initiated by the child.
  • **The visiting person (if an adult) is responsible for managing the child’s behavior. No spanking, hitting or threatening. The monitor will help, if needed.
  • Unless previously agreed upon, the visiting person will be the only person allowed into the visit.
  • No visits while the visiting person appears to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • No loud talk, name-calling, or ridiculing. No questioning which makes the child uncomfortable.
  • Visiting persons should try not to appear lonely or needy. This may cause child to worry or feel guilty.
  • The monitor or child is not to be used to communicate with the other parent/caretaker.
  • No promises like “you’ll live with me soon (go to Disneyland),” unless already agreed on by the court.
  • No prolonged or tearful good-byes.

Non-compliance with any rule or challenging the supervised monitor may lead to termination of services.



Intake Questionnaire

Please click below to download the Intake Questionnaire PDF which must be filled out prior to meeting:





Please click below to download the Contract PDF which must be filled out prior to meeting: